Tailor-Made Tours

Have you ever had special needs in visiting a country? Have you ever wanted to connect to special people, projects, organisations or companies while abroad? Have you ever felt that the most meaningful moments of your touristic immersions were the moments when you shared personal experiences with local people?

Phaphama Initiatives’ TALK Tourism has 19 years of community development experience in South Africa. As such we are able to connect you with any target group or initiative that you may wish to visit or find out more about. Especially in and around Soweto and Johannesburg we have a long tradition of connecting foreign visitors to local parties.

Examples of specialized interests that we have linked up with are:

  • African choral music
  • HIV/AIDS and home-based care
  • Modern Western medicine versus the art and science of traditional healing
  • Small business development and entrepreneurship
  • Initiatives for the physically and mentally challenged
  • Gay and lesbian initiatives
  • African art & culture
  • Schools (all levels)
  • African traditional religions
  • Youth initiatives (youth clubs, sports)
  • Waste recycling initiatives
  • The shebeen scene

Phaphama will scout the people and organisations you would like to meet, accompany you in these encounters and facilitate your meeting, to ensure as meaningful and rich an interaction as possible.

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